People tend to underestimate the power of their own customer’s voice. It can be overlooked and disregarded, when in reality it can be a powerful tool for your company’s benefit. Having an honest, satisfied customer speaking on your behalf gives your audience someone they can relate to. Testimonials represent proof by letting others validate your customer success stories, while showcasing your ability to meet client needs. Let your customers hear a voice that they feel represents them: a fellow customer.


what are testimonial videos?

Testimonial videos give your customers a platform to speak on your company’s behalf, through a readily available format. These capture real customer experiences and how they benefited from your work. Good testimonials not only showcase your business’s capabilities, but give your customers a powerful voice after you have successfully served them. After all, who knows your business better than the ones who interact with it on a daily basis?

Customers Trust Other Customers

People can be wary about what sales representatives have to say about their own product or service. However, when a customer has something to say about a business, they usually listen and trust the business more willingly. Testimonials cultivate a bridge of trust and credibility for your business by establishing a relationship with your customers. Brands that build these relationships with their customers develop an emotional connection with them, leading to stronger testimonials.

Emotions are Powerful Sellers

When you create that emotional bond with a customer, they are far more likely to use your product or service in the future and recommend you to others. This is why the best testimonials come from customers who have been emotionally impacted because of your business.

Hope in Recovery shows real teens who have struggled through real addiction. Some of these stories can be extremely emotional and relatable because they actually happened. The people wanting to understand this program will want to hear stories about how it has helped others and changed their lives. Hearing these testimonials will convince a prospective customer that this is the right program for them. Hearing true stories from genuine people. Authenticity is key when it comes to making your testimonial an effective one.

Be Genuine

Some businesses use actors to convey a testimonial video and people will often notice. Don’t get caught up in “false advertising”, as this will only impact your business negatively. Prospective customers will see right through fake testimonials and lose trust in your capabilities. Use real stories from actual customers, because this is where you get the most honest response!

Key Takeaways When Making Testimonial video

Testimonial videos are social proof from satisfied customers that help establish trust for your business. They can be a powerful marketing tool that can be used to persuade prospective customers by recalling authentic elements of your product if you remember these tips:


Find a customer who will speak the truth about your business. Remember, honesty is the best policy and it will go a lot further in the long run success of your business.

People who are emotionally attached to a product or service will attract others who share that same attitude and problem they are trying to solve. The more invested someone is in your business, the better spokesperson they will be in the future.

The truth will always come out in a testimonial. So be genuine and do not try and fake a testimonial or use an actor to fabricate experiences.

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